Engineering / Design

A concise design is made in 2D or 3D at the beginning of a project. With our in- house team of experienced project managers, designers and developers, we are capable of executing and monitoring detailed design contracts from our locations.

Production of GRP piping systems

In- house production at our different locations guarantees top quality. Our piping systems are produced from GRP material (epoxy-vinylester resin, polyester resin on state- of- the- art coiling systems. Only top- quality raw materials are used in the process.


Based on the exact in- house design in 2D and 3D, along with our trained staff and the optimal conditions in our workshops, we are capable of shipping our own GRP and thermoplastic piping systems in the highest possible degree of prefabrication to the construction site. In addition to the shorter construction time, costs are reduced as well, providing a benefit to our customers.

Installation of GRP, thermoplastic and steel piping systems

Our installation staff has long- time international experience in the installation of piping systems. Ongoing testing of the welding, bonding and laminating skills of our employees by the TÜV provides qualification and certifies their abilities. For this reason, we are able to guarantee a permanently high quality standard in our range of products and services.

Training and Supervision

Glass Reinforced Pipes and Fittings are strong materials but require the correct handling for connection and installation. We offer support to our customers for these essentials, which involves complete training for handling, storage, prefabrication and installation, which can even be held on board.
The training is divided between theory and practice and upon completion; the installers will be required to pass a written examination. Each installer will receive a certifcate as a fiberSol Approved Installer once the test is accomplished. We also offer support during the installation onboard with a Supervisor from fiberSol who oversees the installation and is the contact person for the installation team which has the advantage of yielding a far more effective installation while cruising.

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