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fiberSol F-FKT GmbH

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fiberSol F-FKT GmbH / Sales/Technical Office
Wiesenweg 16
53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Tel.:       +49 (0)2403/9423951
Fax:        +49 (0)2403/9209081

E-Mail: info@fiberSol.de

About us

The fiberSol f-FKT GmbH is the newest member of our group established in 2020 and located in Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. fibersol f-FKT is your official Sales office for all projects regarding solutions in glass reinforced pipes and materials in the industrial and petrochemical sector. In addition, fiberSol f-FKT is your solid and well-experienced contact partner to support you in the installation of all GRP products.

// application fields

What we do here...

Power plant contruction

  • Main cooling water pipelines
  • Secondary cooliing water pipelines
  • Lime water pipelines in FGD systems
  • Process water lines
  • Suspension pipeliness
  • Drinking water and fire extinguishing water
  • Spray nozzle systems
  • Flue gas cleaning
  • Tanks
  • Cooling tower piping
  • Circulation pipelines
  • Fire extinguishing line systems

Chemical industry

  • Waste water pipelines
  • Chemical pipelines for transport of acids and alkaline solutions
  • Tanks

Steel industry

  • Pickling lines for sulfuric acids and hydrochloric acids
  • Regeneration systems and bath treatment facilities

Additional areas

  • Include waste water treatment plants
  • Mining industriy
  • Coking plants
  • Sea-water desalination plants
  • Food industry